SQUAIR™ 30-day solid refill air freshener




Squair Air 30-Day Solid Scented Wafer Air Fresheners Refills

Providing Superior Set-It-And-Forget-It Air Care Performance
Our solid, Squair air freshener refills are easy to replace and provide 30 full days of set and forget performance:
Contains Metazene® brand odor neutralizer (read below about how Metazene works.)
Easy and economical
Can be used in most air freshener dispensers
Non-spill – Non-mess – No wicks to set!
Superior and powerful fragrance output
30 Day Refill


Why Is Our Metazene® Molecular Odor Neutralizer So Effective?

Positive charged Metazene molecules are attracted to negative charged malodor molecules in the air.
Metazene molecules attach to typical malodor molecules like little magnets.
Metazene “locks up” the malodor, effectively neutralizing its unpleasant odor.
The new heavier molecule sinks to the floor with the malodor sealed inside. Unable to float in the air, it evaporates over a period of time.

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Scent Choices

Apple, Golden Mango, Mulberry, Odorless, Orange Frosty, Red Raspberry, White Tea, Tropicana, Berry Blast, Endsmoke, Grapefruit, Linen, Island Breeze, Vanilla Kreme, Freezia, Lilac, Pomberry Punch, Cinnaspice, Raine, Winter Fir and Balsam


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