Scentilator Fragrance Cartridges


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Cactus Blossom     Intensity Really Strong

  • Top: Mixed Berry Blend, Candied Grape, Hint of Italian Bergamot
  • Middle: White Water Lily, Juicy Apple, Rosewood
  • Bottom: Warm Musk, Cashmere, Vanilla Syrup

Island Breeze     Intensity Really Strong

  • Top: Pina Colada, Orange Slice, Cream
  • Middle: Coconut Shavings, Juicy Pineapple, Sugary Strawberry
  • Bottom: Sweet Vanila, Crystalized Candy, Green Rind of Pineapple

Sunny Raine     Intensity Strong

  • Top: Dry Cotton, Lifting Fir Needle/Pine, Lemon and Lime Zest
  • Middle: Night Blooming Violet, Fresh Raine, Aqua Marine
  • Bottom: Powdery, Musk, Spiced, Patchouli

Laundry Fresh     Intensity Strong

  • Top: Fresh Laundry, Clean Cotton, Cool Water
  • Middle: Blossoming Violet, Light Anise Seed, Subtle Sink of Apple
  • Bottom: Musky, Powdery, Light Driftwood

Cozy Linen     Intensity Medium

  • Top: Dryer Sheet, Warm Blanket, Soft Pillow
  • Middle: Green Floral (Rose and Jasmine), Hint of Clove, Spicy Floral
  • Bottom: Heavy Powdery, Dry Musky, Light Vanilla

Odorless     Intensity Light

  • This product has little or no odor but is formulated to control Malodors at the molecular level.

Cactus Blosom, Cozy Linen, Island Breeze, Laundry Fresh, Odorless, Sunny Raine