Our Story

Over the many years I have used many different types of air scent systems to make my house or office smell nice.  I think we all have tried all the different things from your local store and maybe even from the internet.  You get it home and think it’s a great item and a seek or so later you don’t even notice it any more because it’s not working as it did when you first bought it.  I have spent hundreds on trying to find the right system that really works.


Well, I found out over time one system don’t fit all problems.  Along with that I found out the cheap stuff is just like all other cheap stuff it don’t really work well.  In return the most expensive system is not always the best either.


So what I did was buy a number of different products to see what was really part of the best system.  I found many products that seem to be the same are really not.  From price to reliability and customer service.  I have worked on this for about three years and still try new things because everything changes.


You might be wondering how I tested all the different products in many different situations?  Well, as owner of RaysClean, LLC I used my customers and my house as my testing environments. One of my most biggest results was at a charter school.  We connected a system up to the HVAC system that covered the main hallways and when you walked into the building, you just had to take a second to enjoy the scent.  The staff and the students are just amazed at how wonderful the school smells in return I noticed the students seem to take care of the building better.


If you are not sure what product will work best for your situation don’t hesitate to call or drop us an email we will be glad to help you out.  If we don’t care a product you need we will find the best one for you.